Last week I came across this fantastic artist that does animations, his name is George Redhawk. I started investigating him after being astonished by his creations and I can tell he has unmasked his fire and as he says this is the world through his eyes. Beautiful.

The motion of the graphics are spectacular, I can keep looking at them for minutes and hours, the hypnotic power of the images transfers you to another level of sensing, what you are seeing and feeling and the admiration generated on my body for this man is extravagant. Looking at his pieces reminds me being in a deep meditation where you just have an element of focus and in this case, it is being focused on the beauty of Redhawk creations, focused on its beautiful motion combined with the stillness of some parts of the image. Simply astonishing and wonderful.

I love seeing artists that they unmask their fire, the passion within, the connection to the world.

Have you unmasked your fire?


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